Toronto Montessori School

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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Toronto Montessori School

“The IB program requires that teachers collaborate and there is great importance placed on concurrency of learning and using cross-curricula links to cover common key concepts. The design vision was that the staff would be housed in one room visible to the students and with a bird’s eye view of the common.”

– Sheila Thomas, Head of College

The communal staff room strengthens and supports the curriculum.

The staff room was designed to foster a culture of collaboration and integration with peers. All teaching staff needed to be in one space, with the opportunity to work in groups or alone. The shared, open-concept staff room helps foster relationships at the new campus. There is one big meeting table for group work, with desks and cubicles around the perimeter for individual work. Its location– on the second level of the school, overlooking the library – allows faculty to remain visible by and available to the students.

“The staff room encourages greater interaction between subject areas, which is the Montessori philosophy. We were trying to create a staff area which would reflect the Montessori philosophy of communication, openness and broad-based learning.” – Paul Stevens, Senior Principal, ZAS Architects