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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational

“The atrium is an interesting clustering of some of the larger programatic spaces within the school.”

Paul Stevens, Senior Principal

The Atrium at Superior Heights is a 2.5-storey space and is the collective space of four major elements of the school: the gymnasium, cafetorium, library and the main entrance.  It is an interesting clustering of some of the larger programmatic spaces within the school. Not only is the atrium entrance a collector space for students with lots of overviews from the various levels, we developed a large scale graphics package for that space; intended to highlight and “trumpet”the accomplishments, values and priorities of the school.  

Many of the academic programs are on the second floor so it was important that visual connections be made between those levels for staff and students. There is a lot of glass at the upper level. This increased transparency allows you to walk through the school on the upper floor yet see what is going on socially, even on the lower level.

The skylights and glazing allow for daylighting into the core of the school and a major staircase connects the two levels.  As a student, it makes it very easy to find your way around the school because this is the hub and centre point they cross repeatedly throughout the day

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