Alton Village Public

 / Entrance

Avinash Garde, Anil Gokarn / Snyder Architects

Alton Village Public

Multiple entry points into the school are securely monitored through the placement of a central office.

Avinash Garde, Principal

The entrance experience is enhanced by the textured stone work at the formal entrance or the trellised entry from the Kindergarten drop-off.

All entrances lead to the heart of the school – the central Atrium. We have people arriving in three different ways on the site. The main community drop off has a circular drive at the front of the school 0- the formal entrance.  From this entrance, how you approach and enter is all around procession.  You come from that drop off into the central foyer which is right at the “knuckle” of the school that connects all its main elements.  Most parents drop off kids adjacent to the Kindergarten play area at the west side of the building.   Staff has to be able to monitor both drop off opportunities so we located the office at this central node enabling the principal to see and supervise both drop-offs.  Staff parking is on the East side which again is easily monitored from this central node.