Sir William Gage

 / Entrance

Priscilla Ladouceur / Hossack & Associates Architects

Sir William Gage

“The decision to situate the entrance to southeast side of the school pulls people around and into the space of the school, even if they’re not going into the building itself.”

– Ted Byers, Superintendent of Education

A new entrance for student and pedestrian safety

The school is situated on a major suburban street that was too busy to safely accommodate hundreds of daily arrivals to and departures from the buildings. The entrance was therefore built on the south side of the school, away from Queen Street, and off of a smaller access road.

A number of techniques were used to signal the unconventional placement of the entrance, including a yellow brick archway and a two-storey glass tower.  The archway, which partially rests on a contrasting grey slate overhang, announces the school’s name in lettering that matches the plinth on Queen Street. It extends the school structure into the outdoor entrance area, welcoming those who approach and enter.

The tower joins two of the school’s four sides, at the southeast corner. Its two-toned glass walls rise above the school’s roofline and it’s topped with a silvery cap. It’s a modern, low-key reminder of traditional bell towers from the past and makes the entrance unmistakable.