Garth Webb Secondary

 / Facade

Priscilla Ladouceur / Hossack & Associates Architects

Garth Webb Secondary

“A red butterfly roof or “check mark” at the entrance was opportunity to have some fun with colour and make that entrance a focal point.”

Priscilla Ladouceur, Principal

The facade is primarily constructed of a locally sourced durable and low maintenance, Canadian made, clay brick and concrete masonry veneer, which was part of our sustainability strategy.  Some cost savings measures were applied in the steel siding used along the upper portion of the gymnasium exterior.  Steel trellis sun shades extended along the glazed portion of the southern building face providing both cooling and an interesting shadow effect on the building interior. 

Being nestled within a residential neighbourhood, the choice of exterior façade materials reflect its traditional neighbouring brick houses but composed in a more modern, institutional manner.  The glass and steel curtain wall faces the street side and more ‘public’ side of the building and makes reference to the building’s ‘high-tech’ personality.