St. Conrad Catholic

 / Facade

Avinash Garde / Snyder Architects

St. Conrad Catholic

“A cost effective aspect of the layout is that all of the conventional use and similarly sized spaces are grouped together and stacked efficiently with an efficient load bearing construction.”

Avinash Garde, Principal

We wanted the building to have a big public presence in the community – as a public asset, it should reflect the community in the best light possible and add value to the neighbourhood.  

A curved metal clad parti wall externally articulates and differentiates the academic spaces from the shared-use spaces. This curve draws you in from both sides, into the entrance.

Abundant natural light and all of the associated positive physical, psychological and emotional benefits is immediately evident in the design.  We used masonry for stature and durability and metal as a  cost effective way of adding impact.  Splashes of colour add vibrancy and relate to the ‘elementary school’ aspect of the building.   

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