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Tom Wilson / + VG Architects

Granite Ridge Education Centre
The grounds are designed to take advantage of the site’s undulating landscape. The kindergarten play area, for example, is hemmed in by the granite ridge on one side and by the school’s north and south wings on two other sides.

“The school’s exterior walls and the granite made a natural, enclosed play area for the school’s youngest kids”

Unique site suits multiple ages

School grounds for the Granite Ridge project needed to include separate outdoor play areas for kindergarten, elementary and high school students.

The enclosed kindergarten play area is situated at the L-shaped inside corner where the south (academic) wing meets the north (common) wing. The design takes advantage of the outcropping that the school nudges up against with the school’s exterior walls and the granite making a natural, enclosed play area for the school’s youngest kids.

The elementary play area was one of the last spaces to be finished because it is located where the former high school used to sit. It was scheduled for completion only after Granite Ridge was ready, the high school students had moved into the new school, and their old school had been razed.

The high school students use the same playing field used by the former high school –behind the building and through the forest. Only a new access path needed to be created.

“There were a number of limitations because there was not a lot of property. We had to create a new path through the woods between the old secondary school and their sports field. During construction, we had to work with the Municipality to develop temporary parking on a baseball diamond and create a bus loop in a residential area just south of the property.” – David Fowler, Manager of Facilities Services

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