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Avinash Garde / Snyder Architects

St. Conrad Catholic

Avinash Garde, Principal

In the outdoor precinct of the school, each subgroup of students has their own area which is scaled and zoned for age-appropriate activities and safety issues. The Kindergarten has a secure area adjacent to their classrooms. There is an outdoor classroom which steps back and cuts into the ‘hill’ on site to create an outdoor teaching space – a perfect setting to get kids outside, getting fresh air and a change of perspective.

We avoided using hard fences to delineate the zones but through trees and landscape elements, created simulated, more organic enclosures to feel more like a park. Where fences were essential, for instance in the kindergarten play area, they are softened with planting and benches.  Around the school there is permeable paving, below grade rainwater storage and native planting.

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