Alton Village Public

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Avinash Garde, Anil Gokarn / Snyder Architects

Alton Village Public

The short wide corridors of this efficiently designed school also satisfied social and safety objectives.

Avinash Garde, Principal

Corridor lengths at Alton are very short and therefore do not need to be as wide because they are not handling the same volume of student traffic. We were also able to connect the levels with 2 stair towers instead of the typical 3 or 4. These short corridors with windows at each end also allow for more natural light and views. 

The stairs, corridors and atrium are the social spaces in the school. It’s where the kids are mingling and cross pollinating – the heart of the school. There are benches to stop and sit, cheerful bright walls with an interesting  mix of textures and materials.  With only 2 stairwells, each become very special. Because of this, they are a little wider with lots of light and view opportunities. Staff can easily see the students from the landing and the kids chat with each other, see what’s going on outside the school and connect to the community.