Granite Ridge Education Centre

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Tom Wilson / + VG Architects

Granite Ridge Education Centre
Most corridors are lined with tall, operable windows on the outside and some even have windows on the inside, too. The generous widths and light colours help make the corridors feel fresh and welcoming even when filled with students.

“The school divides the different ages on different floors, but still allows for opportunities for the students to overlap, engage with and mentor each other. It’s a very different environment but very rewarding.”

–David Fowler, Manager of Facilities Services

The bright, wide hallways help students feel at home and keep them connected to the natural world just outside. The architects incorporated bench seating in many corridors to increase the school’s public space without impacting the budget. Some benches are actually radiator covers and some are purely for socializing.

“There are lots of hang-out areas and nooks throughout the building. We’ll often find students on one of the benches, book in hand, just having a quite moment to read or in conversation with friends. It’s a very welcoming feeling and it’s very safe because it is so open and visible.” – Barb Fraser-Stiff, Superintendent

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