Sir William Gage

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Priscilla Ladouceur / Hossack & Associates Architects

Sir William Gage

“This design is very easy and what I call ‘labour friendly’ with respect to surveillance and management of children. We try to keep them safe at all times and get them from one space to another as efficiently as possible.”

– Randy Wright, Superintendent and Controller, Design and Construction

Efficiency was one of the main considerations in building Sir William Gage Middle School. It’s built on a small site and with a firm budget. The school’s total area is 69,000 square feet, or 97.8 square feet per student, which is below the minimum allowances, yet it doesn’t feel cramped or constricted.

The school is designed as a square, with the gym at the centre and corridors around it on each of the two floors. Architects often create narrow corridors when trying to reduce the area of a building but, in this building, the corridors are wide enough that, even when they are filled with students and the locker doors are open, there’s plenty of room to move around.

All corridors are designed to end at a door or a window, which helps to brighten the spaces and make them feel even bigger than they already are.