Toronto Montessori School

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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Toronto Montessori School
Hallway bridge seen from second level. Some of the hallways are transparent and all hallways have a view at the end, allowing light in and creating a feeling of inter-connectedness among the inhabitants.

“There’s a feature stairwell that invites students up to the classrooms and underneath it ZAS has created a little space that’s become a student gathering place – the Grade 7s camp out there.”

– Dr. Glenn Zederayko, Head of School at TMS School

Spacious corridors serve double duty as social and breakout spaces.

The goal was to maximize every square inch of the school. To that end, the corridor space needed to be more than simple conduits but could also serve as social and assembly places for the students. Large windows and glass walls let in lots of natural light, allowing the corridors and stairway – often cramped spaces – to feel spacious. The long curtain wall helps students engage with the campus outdoors and the community. Small nooks under stairways and other unexpected spaces allow students to gather in unofficial settings, and to make the school their own.

“We wanted, at the end of every corridor, to have a view, so that light penetrates the corridor. You don’t feel like it’s just a space you have to get through to get somewhere. It invites you to pause, to sit it in the corridors and overlook the campus grounds.” – Paul Stevens, Senior Principal, ZAS Architects