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Avinash Garde, Anil Gokarn / Snyder Architects

Alton Village Public

Our fundamentals for kindergarten design are comfort, noise control and natural light. 

Avinash Garde, Principal

How many times have we heard kids say ‘why does learning stop being fun after kindergarten?’  What happens in grade one?  To start with, these kids are on the floor and interacting with the physical space in ways other grades do not. They need a supportive environment that has lots of natural light, warm comfortable floors, and spaces that are totally flexible and adaptable. There is more demand for flexibility in use and layout of a space in a kindergarten than perhaps in any other level. We want to create opportunities for story corners and wet areas, etc,  in a setting that is easily supervised.

30 kids in a room with 1 teacher and an assistant is not an easy task and they need to have the ability to  control that environment as much as possible. For example, acoustics. A noisy environment can be a threatening one. Put a quiet, reticent child in a hyperactive boiler room and they aren’t going to do well.  We looked for ways to control acoustics through choices of materials. For example, there are area rugs instead of carpet which allow them to be moved or removed if a child had an allergy to a material.

Our design is cognizant of the unique needs of teachers and students.  Storage is also a big issue at this grade level so we provided lots of it flexible, easily personalized storage. 

We lowered the window sills as much as possible so that small children sitting on the floor can look out and not just only be able to see the sky but also the escarpment and the activity going on in the world outside.