Bill Crothers Secondary

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Paul Stevens, Partner / ZAS Architects

Bill Crothers Secondary

“This organization reinforces healthy living. Dispersal of students throughout the school and interaction. This flow of movement creates a very lively place.”

Paul Stevens, Senior Principal

The site is compressed so we stacked the school into four floors. We turned the vertical height into an advantage – it provides exercise as students and teachers move through their day, echoing the school’s mandate.

We created an axis that focuses academic rooms along one corridor and athletics the other. Classrooms generally face east, west and north, which provides good natural light. The cafeteria is on the third floor, there are three floors of gyms, and the library is on the fourth floor.

The students sign a contract that requires, among other things, their participation rate in sports teams and having an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. This prompted our design approach: a vertical layering of rooms, where sports are integrated throughout the building. Students never lose sight of what this experience is about.

The administration is centred and we located the Competitive Gym and the lecture hall where the two axes join. Just outside is the main field, as from this point you can view everything.

The axis approach simplifies finding what you are looking for. It makes security easier because a teacher can stand at the centre of the axis and survey both the academic and athletic sides.