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Avinash Garde / Snyder Architects

St. Conrad Catholic

“One area of the site is higher than the other and this raised platform which is around 3- 4 feet above grade was a a perfect location for the new school.”

Avinash Garde, Principal

The layout of the school was designed to be quite intuitive. The academic spaces are all stacked together in a 3 storey volum while the larger public spaces like the gym and special program areas are consolidated together. The atrium connects these two parts and acts as the premier a social space for the school.  Once you close the set of doors that divides them, the school is separated and the public and school areas can function independently of each other when required. 

At Conrad, while it feels open and spacious, the gross floor area is very efficient and we’ve used every inch so the total area is about 4000 sq ft less than the Ministry area benchmark and these area savings translate into cost savings, which help pay for some of the City-specific premiums.

The other strategy we used here is savings through construction – the 3-storey portion was designed as regular, aligned and stacked structural modules to make it very cost effective to build; the non-standard spaces are pulled out to the side so we don’t need to span large volumes which further reduces cost.

There are no interior classrooms in this school. Every programming room has access to windows and daylight – even the hallways.  

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