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Paul Stevens, Partner / ZAS Architects

Bill Crothers Secondary

“The library is a learning space that accommodates quiet contemplation as well as collaboration and creativity.”

Paul Stevens, Senior Principal

The Bill Crothers Library is on the 4th floor. Usually libraries are placed in the centre of the school but, because it’s such a popular attraction we wanted to raise it up and above the “hubbub”.

“The cantilevered library overlooks the campus as well as a sweeping view of the Toronto skyline. There is a sense of being “outside of the box”. We wanted the space to be pulled out of the everyday and this room does that

By placing the Library at this level it becomes a symbol of learning. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall maximizes natural light while the glass has a filter on it that reduces glare and heat gain. The glass is fritted (a sandblasting effect) to reduce glare and has shades that can cover floor to ceiling.

The Library serves multiple purposes. There’s a “hang out area” with comfortable chairs for reading and thinking. Long-Distance Learning is a unique priority for this elite sports-centred school. Many students travel to competitions (e.g. skiers training in Europe) and yet must maintain their academic workload, so the library has wired rooms dedicated to this unique need. There’s a computer area with large desks for collaborating on group projects. Finally, there are maker spaces with 3d printing capabilities.

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