Granite Ridge Education Centre

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Tom Wilson / + VG Architects

Granite Ridge Education Centre
The library is successfully divided into three zones for the different age categories of the students.

“The library has a long wall of glass that looks out at the hillside and has a millwork bench that runs all the way along, with book storage underneath. It’s a wonderful place to hang out.”

– Tom Wilson, Associate Partner, +VG Architects

The Granite Ridge library, along with the administrative offices, staff room, computer labs and kindergarten classes, is on the first floor of the three-storey building. It’s a long room that gives out onto the granite ridge for which the school is named. One end of the room is designated as the kindergarten and elementary area, with millwork pieces appropriate for smaller children and with lower shelves. The periodical racks divide this  area from the high-school area, which features stacks, tables and chairs to work at and computer stations.

A glass-walled meeting room – much like a corporate boardroom – is situated between the library and the hallway.  Because the boardroom is in the common wing, it can still be used by the public, although the library is for students only.

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