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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational

“As a nod to northern Ontario culture, a fireplace was introduced and is a more casual, lounge and social area.”

Paul Stevens, Senior Principal

The library is a 2-storey high space and being in the centre of the school we wanted to make sure it was day lit in a substantial way.  Some of that light is brought in from the atrium space as well as top lights from above which provides a warm, welcoming glow. One of the skylights shines down on a large graphic of the school’s sports logo – another way of linking the athletic side of the school with the academic and fulfilling the Board’s focus on physical health.  

The library has all the necessary tools for a learning space like individual study stations, computer access and training areas.  As a nod to northern Ontario culture, a fireplace was introduced and offers a more casual, lounge and social area.

The learning commons area is a distinct zone or alcove all within the openness of the library.  We didn’t want to use walls so we differentiated this zone by using book stacks and furniture.   There are hexagonal tables that can be linked together or pulled apart for large or small group work.  It is less structured than traditional high school educational components, and is meant to mimic a more post secondary style learning environment where students have control and flexibility to reconfigure the space to suit their needs.

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