Toronto Montessori School

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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Toronto Montessori School
Interior of the light-filled library, with areas for group study and private desks for individual work. Carpeting and green and white acoustic panels soften and absorb sound. Masonry walls and a two-storey fireplace add warmth and weight.

“They love to go to the library resource centre and hang out there because it’s rounded and it’s got this wall of windows and there’s a fireplace in there. They’re engaged and it’s welcoming and it’s theirs.”

– Glenn Zederayko, Head of School, TMS

A bright, inviting place to work.

“The library has a beautiful south view and is open and airy. The exterior stonework used on the facing folds around and comes into the room. In the mornings, the students will be on the couches around the fireplace, feet up and talking or reading a book. It’s a cozy and friendly environment.” – Stuart Ferrie, Chief Administration Officer

This library is very visible from the busy street the school is on. The rounded wall of windows makes the space welcoming and the glass is broken up by coloured panes, stone and metal, adding a modern dynamic. Complete with a two-storey stone fireplace, a vaulted ceiling, and massive windows, the room invites students to work independently in study carrels or in casual settings for group work. It is immediately recognizable as a calm place, ideal for reading and other quiet activities.

“One of the key spaces that we thought to express what was asked of us in this brief was the library. Being semi-circular and facing out on the street, it’s quite different from the other buildings you see driving down Elgin Mills and acts as a calling card for the school.” – Paul Stevens, Senior Principal, ZAS Architects