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Paul Stevens / ZAS Architects

Toronto Montessori School
Multi-purpose science labs allow a teacher to give a lesson from the front of the class, but can also be reconfigured for group work. Benches around the perimeter are for science experiments and lab work.

“On the second floor, the music hall, the drama room, and the art studio all provide the building with large, spacious learning environments for specialist courses, and the science labs on the main floor include pods in oversized rooms for team learning. ”

– Theresa Hurley, Diploma Coordinator/Teacher

Flexible, well planned specialty rooms are inviting and well used.

Great thought and planning went in to the many specialized classrooms in order to support the specific curriculum goals. For instance, in the diploma program, students have to do over 60 hrs of labs so it was important to have more and well equipped labs. Some are designed as pods and others are larger with tables and a lot of storage.  The art room is a huge space, the biggest one with a loads of storage and a kiln room so students can fire their own pots. It is placed near the music rooms on the 2nd floor with a higher roof which works well acoustically for the music room and brings in a lot of light for the art room.

“The art room is heavily used by everyone, especially our props club and duct club brigade.  It has been designed so well it is used for a number of purposes other than art” claims Sheila Thomas, Head of College.

A lot of importance is given to their athletic program and the grade 7s and 8s have gym every day. To nurture and accommodate this commitment to physical health, a double gym was designed and it is timetabled to maximize the use.  The gym is also large enough that graduations and special ceremonies and presentations can be held there.

Spaces like the learning centre have worked out very well. “Students are in there all the time working with their guidance counsellor, learning specialist or each other.  They have a space to quietly do some homework or get help, independently or in small groups. ” -Stuart Ferrie, Chief Administrative Officer