Nottawasaga Pines Secondary

 / Maintenance, Durability & Standardization

Doug Snyder / Snyder Architects

Nottawasaga Pines Secondary
Porcelain tile protects walls in a bright, open classroom.

“Spaces that easily maintain their finish are less likely to be vandalized. The kids will look after a school that looks good.”

Doug Snyder, Principal

Schools are high-abuse buildings and therefore durable materials are needed to increase longevity and ease of maintenance. Typically we would use concrete block but due to the unique site conditions and the need to keep the structure as light as possible, we used vandal resistant and durable materials like special abuse resistant panels to protect the surfaces and maintain a clean, attractive learning area. 

Chalk and tack boards and millwork are used on the lower areas of walls where there is more interaction and use. Drywall is kept up high where its less accessible to abuse.  

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