Garth Webb Secondary

 / Safety & Security

Priscilla Ladouceur / Hossack & Associates Architects

Garth Webb Secondary
A small group of students practice their theatrical routine in the exterior student forum. Views down into the courtyard exist throughout the second and third floor.

“Staff offices allow for passive supervision via a 180-degree view of the site, even to the back fields.”

Priscilla Ladouceur, Principal

The administration block was located specifically at the front entrance near the student drop off.  It is lined with staff offices which allow for passive supervision via a 180-degree view of the site, even to the back fields.  The principal is located in a corner space with a direct view to the exterior student forum plaza and the vehicle drop off area.  They can easily supervise from this point and it helps keep them connected to the pulse and happenings of the school which is sometimes a challenge for that role.

Supervision and Security was important for the overall design of the school. In the nodes and ends of the 3-storey stacked L-shaped plan are the stairwells.  This is also where we placed the teacher’s workrooms so staff can easily see and supervise hallways and stairwells from one central location.

Second and Third storey windows provide wide views to outdoor spaces.  Internal glazing keeps the space feeling light and open but these transparencies also allow staff to easily see in to student break-out rooms, classrooms and the common spaces.

Although each aspect of the building’s layout and design was made with supervision and security in mind, we strongly believe that students rise to expectation.  We’ve experienced that if you provide students with a beautiful space, they will take ownership of it and treat it with respect.  Instilling that spirit within the students can go a long way.