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Paul Stevens, Partner / ZAS Architects

Bill Crothers Secondary

“Working with the conservation authority, we choose not to simply do ‘less harm’ but, rather, to do ‘more good’.”

Paul Stevens, Senior Principal

The Site is particularly challenging, as a large portion of it sits on a flood plain. We created storm water management strategies to not just deal with the water surge after a rainfall but to also improve the water quality and restore the river’s habitat. Working with the conservation authority, we choose not to simply do “less harm” but, rather, to do “more good”; so that the impact on the environment was actually positive.The restrictions of the site inspired the stacked nature of this four storey school.

The school draws students from across the region so having good transportation is critical. With a Go station and Viva bus stop just south of the front door there’s easy access and it’s a pleasant walk along a tree-lined avenue to the front door. The parking is at the back. Primacy is given to people walking and biking, which improves safety and reinforces the physical health and fitness message.

The school is part of a larger development that will bring in mid-high rise residential developments. Even though this is a suburban school, it shares many qualities with an urban school project. The City partnered with the Board so that the community also had access to the sports fields, paying for two artificial fields and related lighting.

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