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Greg Poste / MMMC Architects

St. Pius X Catholic

Greg Poste, Project Architect

Many sustainable design features have been included in the new school and accommodated within the typical funding formula budget.  Careful consideration to anticipated costs and associated pay back returns were outlined during the schematic design phase of the project.  Some features were considered but not incorporated due to long pay back timelines including the collection of roof rain water harvesting.

Classrooms and the Learning Centre are provided with mechanical displacement ventilation that brings fresh tempered air at low levels into the breathing zone and exhausts stale air at the ceiling level improving indoor air quality.  Supply air is introduced at lower speeds and temperature as it does not need to be pushed from the ceiling level down, thereby resulting in increased energy performance and smaller equipment sizing.

Classrooms, Learning Centre and Multi-Purpose room are orientated on the site with windows facing the north and south axis to achieve maximum natural daylighting.  Windows are oversized and provide an upper lite containing a semi-translucent material inside the sealed glazing unit that directs natural light deep into the room.  Suspended acoustic tile ceilings are sloped from a high point at the window wall and reflect daylight off the ceiling plane and further into the room.  The sloped ceiling also acts as an excellent acoustic plane to improve sound properties of the room.  Electrical lighting is suspended on air craft cable with rows perpendicular to the exterior window wall banked to individual switching to allow control of the amount of daylight and artificial light provided.    

Other sustainable features included are the white coloured roof membrane to reduce heat island affect and air conditioning loads; and the use of quartz tile flooring throughout in lieu of the typical vinyl tile flooring that requires no waxing and minimal maintenance.