Educator’s, Trustees and Facilities departments face a number of issues and priorities they have to address, many of which can be be supported by considering how their schools can be shaped to serve them. In Ideas, we look at how architects use building diagnostics (the science of how buildings influence how people think, feel and act) to create an environment that influences students, teachers, parents and communities in ways the Board values.

Design Tools and Technical Issues

A look at the technical elements that are considered in school design and architecture.

Productive School Design

School designs matters!  What would it have been like to spend much of your childhood waking hours in one of the school's featured on this website? Bright, comfortable spaces to learn, play, create, and grow in.   Many elementary schools are a brick box with long dark corridors and small windows so students aren't distracted by the world outside - the same world they are preparing to enter but apparently not allowed to see.  We have moved through the industrial ages of pedagogy to a more enlightened, holistic, and I dare say, effective understanding of how to educate and prepare our children for a future we can only begin to imagine.   Should the school environment not keep pace with this new 21st century thinking?

School Spaces

Exploring ideas and perspectives on how the various areas of our schools can be reimagined to be more productive.