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Priscilla Ladouceur / Hossack & Associates Architects

Garth Webb Secondary

“These labs were designed and constructed after much deliberation with, and input from a range of previous instructors and department heads in the various fields.”

Priscilla Ladouceur, Principal

Multi-sized classrooms are spread throughout the school to provide flexible, 21st century learning and teaching spaces.  Many have operable walls that can be opened up to create double sized classrooms or to to accommodate a large meeting.   Teachers really value the flexibility to accommodate different sized groups.  There are also smaller meeting rooms with windows off the corridor and slightly larger seminar rooms. This allows for break out spaces or students can use the small rooms for study or group work.

To accommodate several different curriculum requirements from the Halton District School Board, we designed this secondary school to house a variety of labs.  These labs were designed and constructed after much deliberation with, and input from a range of previous instructors and department heads in the various fields.  

It was important that the stage, theatre arts rooms and music rooms all be on the same level so they felt connected from a programming and practical viewpoint.  These rooms are all interconnected to each other so people and equipment can move very fluidly between spaces for both performances and as break-out spaces during instructional periods. 

All doors between the Construction Technology shop and the Theatres Arts room and Stage are built 8 feet tall with removable mullions so a standard 8-foot tall stage set could be built in the construction shop and transported to the Stage or Theatre Arts room without being dismantled.

When the theatre arts room is not being used, instruments can flow out into the adjacent Instrumental Music room as a break out space for impromptu jam sessions.  We outfitted these spaces with ceiling acoustic panels and double masonry walls with an air space between to isolate the sound.  It actually impressed us how well this works.  There could be a full-out 30 piece orchestra practice occurring in the room and you would have no idea. 

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