Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary

 / Cafetorium

Doug Snyder, Anil Gokarn / Snyder Architects

Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary

Jean Vanier’s Café creates a dynamic yet controlled environment that facilitates student engagement. It animates the entrance and makes the school experience special.

Doug Snyder, Principal

Jean Vanier’s Cafeteria, or Café as it is better known, opens off of the Atrium. It’s more like a food court that is a central social part of a vibrant mall. We didn’t want to make it a typical closed off “room”. The distinctive servery provides a more sophisticated experience of getting your food. The barn board signage adds to that element of sophistication. 

The Café is an open welcoming place to eat and socialize and makes the school lively and fun. Having a mature space where students are treated at a high level, makes them feel they are trusted, and that they are expected to show responsibility and act with more respect in return.

The Café has a large glass wall that overlooks an outdoor courtyard with armour-stone seating, a very resilient material that has the added benefit of also looking good. We added a special frame and landscaping which identifies the boundary of the Café courtyard, while also softening it and making it very attractive.