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Peter Duckworth / ZAS Architects

Southview Public

“The library is set up to be a welcoming space for students and the community to want to be in and acts an important learning commons space for the school.”

Peter Duckworth, Partner

The library is set up to be a welcoming space for students and the community to want to be in and acts an important learning commons space for the school. Because it was two schools coming together there was a fairly large number of volumes. Library staff preferred that this should not just be a repository of books but ideally be designed to be additional learning space.

With this as our starting point, we set about zoning it into a variety of ways of learning.  Computer stations are a key resource and provide e-learning and research opportunities.  Group learning is facilitated by small group hub tables which allow for small groups to work together with full access to library resources yet easily supervise able. Then there are some informal “touch down” seating areas along the  window with 2-storey high glazing facing north into the library. Students can sit and plug in their laptops and tablets or simply pause and read a book.